Hotel Tour

It is our pleasure to invite you to take a tour at our facility. In order for us to give you our utmost attention, an appointment would be highly recommended.

The Wagington takes extreme precautionary measures to ensure that the hotel premises are free from ticks, fleas, parasites and air borne viruses. For the safety of all our pet guests, pets with ticks & fleas will not be admitted into boarding and daycare until pets have been fully de-ticked.

Pet owners are highly advise to fully de-tick pets 2-3 days before admission to The Wagington.

Hotel Facility Tour with Pet Temperament Evaluation

Should pet owners like to arrange for a pet temperament evaluation appointment in conjunction with the tour,

Here's what to do:

  1. Made your appointment by calling 64711689 or email to: [] with Subject Header - (Hotel Tour with Pet Evaluation)
  2. Arrive at the hotel at the stipulated date and time with your pet and bring their vaccination card
  3. One of our Wagington Angels will be allocated to attend to you and take your dog into our salon to scan for ticks and fleas before the pet evaluation assessment.
  4. Dogs with ticks & fleas will not be allow into daycare area for evaluation. Pet evaluation assessment  include examine pets for reactivity towards internal/external stimulus, social skills with other dogs and sensitivity to body touches without your presence.If your dog passes the evaluation test, you can proceed to make reservations for boarding/daycare.
  5. Owners have an option to do a full de-ticking in The Wagington subject to groomers availability.
  6. Felines do not need a temperament evaluation however, it is mandatory for the hotel to only accept felines that allow staff to hold them and to be able to properly care for them. Felines will be scan for fleas before admittance to The Wagington.
  7. Pet & Vaccinations Requirements applies Click Here