Once upon a time, in The Wagington, dwelled only the country most discerning pets. Pet owners surged to reside their beloved furry companions into this majestic palace owned by a charmingly handsome and charismatic English Bulldog. His name was Bobo.

Bobo was born on a rainy afternoon on 28th Feb 2011, in one of the most scenic countries in Eastern Asia. -Taiwan. At 3 months old, he travelled to Singapore, lived in a pet farm, looping around in his pen daily greeting every human visiting the farm zealously for 5 weeks. His enthusiasm was infectious and more so exhilarating. He was hoping, enduringly hoping that someone would come and take him home.

On July 2011, Bobo met her. โ€“ And his life changed forever.

He was constantly carrying his toy around celebrating!- Tail wagging, tongue panting and face smiling. He was her best friend, her companion ; a four-legged alluring little dog.

She trained him and motivated him, pushed him and encouraged him. She exercised him, keep him in his place and set clear rules and boundaries. In a few months, he was walking off leash, running on the treadmill and became the first skateboarding bulldog to perform at the Singapore Pet Expo 2014.

That was her dog. A love of her life.

And so,

She gave him a giftโ€ฆ The Wagington