Quintessential Dog Luxury! Unquestionably Singapore most inviting dog pool. Bone Pool @The Wagington is secreted away among the verdant, lush foliage amidst the ambience of the hotel and feel absolutely refreshed in this outdoor haven. Take a refreshing dip in the 1.2m deep refreshing waters. The distinctive resort courtyard settings for yours for the taking. Absolutely everything you need and want for a most satisfying day out @The Wagington.
  • Please refer to "Dog Brochure" under "The Hotel" category for full services rates.
  • Public Pool (Per Dog) - 28
    - 60 minutes
    - Complimentary Use of Cabanas

    Private Pool (Per Dog) - 75
    - 60 minutes
    - Complimentary Use of Cabanas
    - Additional Dog under the same owner +20

    Supervised Swim (Per Dog) - 65
    - 45 minutes
    - Staff Supervision & Coaching
    - WhatsApp Video of Swim Session
    - Towel Dry of Pet Only
    - Additional Dog under the same owner +20

    Pool Swim Package - 240
    - Sessions of 10
    - Expiry: 4 months
    - Complimentary Use of Cabanas

    Pool Information

    The Wagington Bone Pool is a 1.2m deep chlorinated pool. Owners are allowed to enter the pool and swim with pets in APPROVED swimwear only.

    Terms & Conditions

    1. All rates are in Singapore Dollars and subjected to 7% GST & 10% Service Charge

    2. Bone Pool is open from 9am daily and last booking appointment at 5.30pm

    3. All dogs coming in for any of the pool services must be registered with The Wagington,must produce vaccination card and in good state of health. Pets without vaccination or vet’s health certification may be turn down for entering the Bone Pool. Event Organiser of Pool Party & Private Event is liable and responsible for ensuring all guests have vaccination card, pets in good state of and all prohibitions as stated on clause 4 and 5

    4. Smoking is strictly prohibited at Bone Pool. Only proper swimming attire are allowed inside Bone Pool. No T-Shirt, Lycra, Cotton, Singlets, Dri Fit, Jeans are allowed at anytime. Offenders are subjected to $250 fine.

    5. A pool maintenance fee of $250 will be imposed should any dog secrete poop/diarrhea inside Bone Pool. 6. No outside F&B are allowed except for Pool Party Event & Private Event

    7. All Pool Party & Private Event must be confirmed with full payment 2 weeks before actual event date to be deemed as a confirmed booking

    8. Pool Reservations are highly recommended

    9. Upon full payment confirmation of any services above, any cancellation or postponement of event will be subjected to 50% of payment forfeited within 1 week before event date and 100% within 3 days before event date