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The Royal Suite

The Royal Suite is the finest and most well appointed accommodations for the most pampered pets. The elegant proportions and stately possession of the room complements the sumptuous furnishings and beautiful artwork of Royal Blue classical interior to create a Royal Suite that is literally fit for a king.

Garden Suite

Garden Suites is the most spacious accommodations in The Wagington. It is on the 1st level and also the dogs indoor play room area. Garden Suite offers guests a 120 sq. ft of living space connecting adjacent to the big dog outdoor area. Garden suite is also best suited for pet guests who may have difficulty accessing to the 2nd level due to old age or one who may have hips issues. The bright green interior design are sure to spark some cherry moods.

Superior Suites

With natural sunlight and cushy interior, the Superior Suite in The Wagington is the perfection blend of seclusion and opulence. Each perfectly proportioned superior suite is designed in the same lavish elegance in consistent of the hotel. Providing a 48 sq. ft. (4.5m²) of palatial living, completed with a common entrance foyer, adorned with full privacy glass doors, mood lightings and guests lavish with nighttime tummy rub; each superior suite is the perfect incarnation of the ultimate Wagington experience.

Junior Suites

The epitome of luxury- each junior suite has been designed to excite the senses in a casual elegance that defines the environment of the 2-storey conservation building. The proportionally spacious junior suite offers a 15 sq. ft. (1.45m²) area in an elegant fashion complementing a distinct great deal of comfort and privacy. ~ A perfect opulent pied-à-terre for guests seeking to explore this beautiful hotel.