In-Room Dining

Pampered guests are also offered a choice to select their meals from The Wagington in-room dining menu

Each cuisine is delivered to perfection

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Additional Gourmet Delights

  1. ~Bobo’s Delight ~ 1 portion boiled boneless chicken breast (Protein), 2 portions of sweet potato (Carbohydrate), one hard boiled egg, broccoli, pinch of carrot, coconut oil Small (230g) 15.50 SGD   Medium (350g) 20.50 SGD   Large (480g) 24.50 SGD
  2. ~Barf Raw~(Kangaroo/Fish)- In portion Small (115g) 8.50 SGD   Medium (227g) 10.50 SGD   Large (450g) 15.50 SGD
  3. ~Barf Raw~ (12 patties in a box for sale) -Kangaroo/Fish -$65