Situated in the heart of the city below Dempsey Hill in a small village on Loewen Road, surrounded by verdant greenery, tranquillity and nature, a heritage standalone old colonial conservation house will be transformed into the finest and most luxurious 5 starsโ€™ pet hotel in Singapore.

The Wagington offers all discerning pets with an aristocrat experience that have exceeded all kennels industry standards and together with a team of trained canine professionals, we provide owners with an incomparable peace of mind in an unparalleled five stars resort beyond imagination.

While you are having your vacation, your pet is having theirs.

The hotel offers 40 luxury suites, all inspired and designed in the classical Edwardian style, features a living area of 15-96 square foot space. Each private suite is complement by sumptuous furnishings, privacy glass doors and encompass with the best-handcrafted soft faux leather orthopaedic beds made by the finest craftsmen literally only for the king. Feline guests can too have their retreat in our spacious purr-fection suites adorned with luxurious tree house and catnips while purring with our pet angels.

Pampered guests can indulge in an array of worldly treatments in The Wagington salon and spa and are also offered a list of distinct choices to select their gourmet meals from The Wagington in-house dining menu. High-energy dog guests can work out in our fitness centre and unleash their tensions on our treadmills or go on a road bicycle trips with our angels. Every calorie burns brings you to a happier, healthier and calmer companion.